Guest Post: Hon. Chris Tremain

Chris Tremain

Hon. Chris Tremain is the MP for Napier, a former Cabinet Minister, and big supporter of the Young Nats. He has written us this guest post about renewable energy in New Zealand.

A couple of weeks ago Russell Norman went on twitter to laud the United States for their investment in solar projects.

Putting aside for a minute the fact that Russell Norman’ standard modus operandi is to criticise the Americans it is this kind of one sided communication from the Greens that I want to discuss in this blog today.

Following my initial response to the Tweet I then went and did a bit of research and came up with this little gem from the US Energy Information Administration so tweeted it back, renewable energy only accounts for 9% of US energy consumption.

The point I wanted to make was that while the US may be doing well in solar energy New Zealand is so far ahead in terms of renewable energy generation that we are on a different planet. It is this fact that the Greens deliberately ignore in any speech or public commentary on renewable energy. The fact is that New Zealand is a world leader, far from the environmental monster the Greens want to paint our country. It is these facts that we need to constantly remind young people about and where you as Young Nats can play a huge role. You can help us to call the Greens out every time they demand more renewables, more clean energy, more solar power. Here’s just a few of my own tweets that came from the recent Financial Review of Mighty River Power where Doug Heffernan and Joan Whithers took us through the numbers.





So as you can see NZ has an amazing record in renewable energy of which we should be very proud. As Young Nats and Supporters you can play a huge role in the tweet and blogosphere every time one of the Greens try to make New Zealand out to be an international pariah in the Clean Energy space. It’s just bollocks.