September 20 – Election 2014

Young Nats Campaign

Yesterday John Key announced that this year’s general election will be held on Saturday, September 20th. That’s about six months from today. For us that means we have about six months to prepare and carry out a campaign for National to win a third term in government. Young Nats across the country will be knocking on doors, ringing phones and posting leaflets. More importantly we will be letting friends and family know that our party has the vision to continue to lead for another three years.

You only have to look at the policy wins the Young Nats have had in the last three years to see how highly valued our efforts have been so far. You can start with the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Initiative – a policy backed by the Young Nats. On recent conscience issues, the lobbying of Young Nats helped secure National MPs’ votes for Keep It 18 and Marriage Equality. Our voices are being heard in the halls of Parliament.

We are taking important stands on issues that matter to young New Zealanders, but we need the support of as many young people as possible. That’s what will make the politicians and MPs take notice. Campaign season will be hard work, but will also be a lot of fun. I urge everyone to get involved this election year. Go to the events your local Young Nats committee is putting on. Find out how you can contribute, and get amongst it. We will make a difference over the next six months.

Joel Rowan – Victoria University Young Nats Chair