The Young Nats are a group of young people who stand for freedom, choice, independence and ambition. We believe in less government and the promotion of personal freedom and individual responsibility.

But why join?

The Young Nationals is the largest youth political organisation in New Zealand. We have members from all different backgrounds and interests, but all of them share a common desire for a better New Zealand. They join the Young Nats because they believe the National Party offers the best vision and policies to achieve that.

But people join the Young Nats to have fun too, to be a part of something with others who share similar ideas, to make friends and to network with people who are shaping the direction of New Zealand.

From forming policy, attending social functions and going to the rugby there is something for everyone, so I would encourage you to join!


The Young Nats seek a safe, prosperous and successful NZ with opportunities for all Kiwis to achieve. We want a government that promotes:

  • A globally competitive economy
  • Reducing taxes
  • Frontline services, not more bureaucrats
  • Higher standards in education
  • Getting tough on crime
  • Effective healthcare, sooner
  • Valuing families
  • Practical environmental protection
  • Encouraging ambition


Stefan Sunde

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